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We are both fully vaccinated and you should be too.
For information on getting your 
covid vaccine, click here.
If you've chosen not to receive the vaccine,
please refrain from visiting the salon.

Please only visit the salon if you feel healthy and if you've been following the safety precautions set by the CDC. If you feel you've developed any possible symptoms of covid-19, please cancel your appointment and get tested. We will do the same.

Per the current safety guidelines set by the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts, masks are not required in the salon. We are happy to wear one at your request, but keep in mind if you book on a Wednesday or Friday, you may be sharing the space with an other client and stylist.

To prevent crowding in our intimate space, please DO NOT enter the salon until you receive a text message inviting you to do so. 

You will not come in contact with any non-sanitized surfaces during your visit. The chair you sit in and the counter you sit at will be cleaned and sanitized completely before your service, as will the shampoo chair and hair-washing sink. All of our tools and implements will be made safe for your appointment through the use of 70% alcohol based sanitizer and a germicidal sanitizing wand that uses UVC light rays to sterilize surfaces. 

Powell & Burke is equipped with the Medify MA-25 Air Purifier, which uses the highest quality HEPA H13 medical grade filter. The air in our salon will be completely filtered and fresh every thirty minutes. 

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