Because of the spread of covid-19, we must all adopt a new normal, a new set of behaviors and protocols that will ensure the health and safety of our community. If you'll be visiting us at Powell & Burke, we ask that you abide by the guidelines listed below. We too will be following a set of specific workplace safety standards set in place to protect your health and ours.

How you can help...

1.Your health


Please only visit the salon if you feel healthy and if you've been following the safety precautions set by the CDC in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus. If you feel you've developed any possible symptoms of covid-19, please cancel your appointment and seek out medical attention.

2. Face Masks


Please come to your appointment wearing a face mask covering your nose and mouth. The straps of your mask must wrap behind your ears so we can freely access your hair without you having to adjust. Clients arriving without a proper face mask have the option of purchasing one, or will unfortunately forfeit their appointment.

3. Belongings


In an effort to minimize the overlap of commonly touched surfaces, we ask that you keep the number of belongings you bring to your appointment to a minimum. There's a bag hook in each station and coat hooks at the salon's entrance. You're welcome to keep your belongings in these areas.

4. Company


On account of our salon's intimate setting, and in an ongoing effort to maintain a standard for safe social-distancing, we permit only one household in the salon at a time, besides of course our own. Please arrive to your appointment either alone or with only those members of your personal biological bubble that you quarantine with.

5. Food/ Beverage


No food or beverage is permitted at the salon for the time being.  We will not be providing these items. Please do not bring them with you to your appointment. We are keeping commonly handled surfaces to a minimum, and we must ask that you not remove your mask at any time during your visit.

6. Entering the salon

To limit the potential of any of our guests accidentally breaking the six feet necessary for safe social distance, please do not approach the salon until you receive a notification on your phone that we are ready for you. We are trying to limit foot traffic both in our salon and within the common areas of the Salons at Area 207. 

How we can help...

1. Our Health


Both of us will only operate at Powell & Burke providing we are in good health and have no reason to believe that either of us has been put at risk. As a household, we are following the recommended safety precautions outlined by the CDC.

2. Privacy

To minimize any possible risk of exposure, your hair appointment will be a private experience. We are currently working separate shifts, only one of us in the space at a time. You and your stylist will be alone in the salon, unless you choose to bring any other members of your household/bubble.

3. PPE


As per the official salon safety standards set by the state of Massachusetts, we'll be wearing protective gear and apparel for the duration of your time at the salon. These articles will be worn only for your appointment and laundered immediately after. And as always, we will provide you with a clean robe and/or cape to protect you and your clothing from us and our materials. We also sell hand-made face masks made by our very own Ruthie Burke ( 

4. Sanitation 


In between every client, all of our combs, sheers, and clips will be sanitized completely.  All of our tools and implements will be made safe for your appointment through the use of 70% alcohol based sanitizer and a germicidal sanitizing wand that uses UVC light rays to sterilize surfaces. The chair you sit in and the counter you sit at will be cleaned and sanitized completely before your hair service, as will the shampoo chair and hair-washing sink. You will not come in contact with any non-sanitized surfaces during your visit. 

5. Air Purifier


Powell & Burke is equipped with the Medify MA-25 Air Purifier, which uses the highest quality HEPA H13 medical grade filter. The air in our salon will be completely filtered and fresh every thirty minutes.

7. Hand Sanitizer


Please wash your hands upon your arrival to the building using the faucets available in the restrooms of the Salons at 207. The sink in our salon will not be available to you but both stations are equipped with a hands free sanitizer dispenser. Our CBD-infused, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, RPM, is also for sale on our retail shelf and in our online store.